Families who have teens with ADHD or learning disabilities may be unsure of how to start the college planning process, what options are available, or what support students might receive in college. College consultants help educate families about the transition from high school to college. Within our process, we take into consideration the unique needs of your child, including accommodations, support at home and at school, and details of their diagnoses to find colleges that provide the appropriate level and types of learning environments where your student will thrive.

The college search process for students with an LD/ADHD is often a dual process: Families must look at all of the academic, social, and financial fit factors as well as the disability services fit. There are many colleges and universities with a wide-range of supports and it is important for students to find the appropriate support for a successful college experience. Upon graduating from high school, your student can still enjoy one-on-one support from College Connectors.

College First-Year Coaching for Students with LD/ADHD

Mastering the independence, academic and social structures of the first year of college can be difficult for any college student, let alone for those that struggle with executive functioning or have to navigate extra systems to access accommodations. Individualized support during the first year of college often eases the transition and stress for families. Our College First-Year coaches can serve as those extra layers of accountability and support. A worthwhile investment!

From the first meeting, we will take the time to learn more about your child to better understand their goals. We’ll discuss assessing their strengths, learning styles, and aspirations, as well as their level of independence and your family’s financial situations.

  • Review transcript, academic profile, and learning style
  • Assess student strengths, interests, and accomplishments
  • Educate families about the differences in academic support and ADHD/LD accommodations in colleges
  • Understand the student’s learning disability or diagnosis, how it impacts the student, and what accommodations the student uses
  • Develop a timeline for standardized testing (PSAT,  and ACT/SAT) and identify accommodations and appropriate test preparation strategies
  • Review extracurricular activities and identify opportunities to enrich these interests and experiences
  • Develop a customized list of criteria for selecting colleges
  • Help the student match their individual profile to appropriate post-secondary options; support the student’s research and campus visits
  • Develop a plan for assessing the scope of academic support services at colleges
  • Create college application list or post-secondary option list

Our goal isn’t to simply find a “good” program for your child. The best fit must take into account the unique needs of your student and the college’s characteristics and offerings with learning disabilities programs. Once we narrow down a list of prime matches, we will help your student with the following:

  • Create comprehensive application completion timeline
  • Support completion of all applications ahead of each deadline
  • Discuss early action, early decision and rolling admission decisions
  • Essay development coaching
  • Personal statement development coaching
  • Student resumé
  • Assist in identifying and requesting references
  • Interview coaching
  • Review financial aid and merit aid opportunities and applications

Before your child is ready to decide on a university or college, it’s important to think about all the reasons why they want to go, as well as the type of person they want to become. You’ll want to discuss how far away your child is willing to live, whether a large or small university is a better option, and more.

  • Help evaluate acceptances, evaluating student criteria and support service needs to determine best fit
  • Help evaluate scholarships and need-based awards with student and family
  • Discussed continuing support with College Achievement Coaching
  • Celebrate!

Are you ready to learn more?

All of our College Connectors consultants are dedicated to providing personalized, hands-on college planning services to our students. To learn more about our college planning services, Contact Us to schedule a consultation.

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