College Search And
Application Support

By mid-high school, most students are ready to start exploring college choices, but rarely know how to begin. Our college planning process guides students through every facet of their college search and application strategy, tailored for their unique requirements.


Discovery Meetings

We believe starting with the student’s unique needs and desires is the best approach to the college admissions process. Why try to fit into a particular college mold when there are so many colleges that can fit your student? Our college consultants will work one-on-one with your student to help them reflect on their academic achievement, learning styles, academic passions and challenges, and extracurricular interests and hobbies. We believe that educating students about college characteristics and developing a list of criteria will help the student feel confident in knowing about who they are and what they need to thrive in a college setting.

College Exploration

This is where it all comes together and more fun starts to happen! After learning about your student, we develop a College List Report with a curated list of colleges for your student to explore. Nothing is better than starting a college research review meeting with a beaming student ready to tell us all about what they have learned about a college they have never heard of before. We give students the tools and guidance to help them find schools that are strong fits — those that make them beam — those that make them want to take the next steps.

The Application List

A back-up school? No way, not here. It is not part of our philosophy. If a student is not excited about the thought of attending a particular college, it does not belong on their Application List. Families appreciate the mature decision making and reflective nature of our College Search process. It means that we end the College Search with a student who can articulate exactly why each college belongs on their list and why they would thrive.


Application Outline

High school seniors are often juggling five to six classes, homework, and activities on top of the college application process. It can feel extremely overwhelming for students to manage the many requirements and deadlines of the process and feel confident that they are not missing a step in the process. Our independent educational consultants help alleviate college application season anxiety by providing a detailed Application Outline customized for each student. We discuss deadlines, to-dos, and strategy, developing a plan that fits your student’s schedule and application list. With the help of an amazing software system specific to independent educational consultants’ work, your students will also be connected and reminded of their responsibilities by text and email.

Essay Development

The college essay is not really an essay, it’s a personal statement. It’s a story that gives admissions committees another look into your student’s life. It adds color and depth and context to an application. The personal statement, along with other supplemental essays, are often the most complex part of the application process. We’ve developed discovery and coaching techniques to help students tell their story in an impactful way.

Strategic Application Coaching

Along the way, we provide coaching and guidance around interview preparation, letters of recommendation, financial aid and scholarship deadlines. We discuss strategies and help students decide what application deadlines are the best choice for them. We teach students how to demonstrate interest and help them understand how building relationships with colleges will help them learn more about their colleges. We encourage attending campus visits and teach students how to make the best use of them.

Decision Meetings

In the spring of your student’s senior year, we help your family decipher the often confusing financial aid awards to better understand the financial commitment. When students have applied to colleges that are all strong fits, what could be better than having multiple great options when college acceptances come in? After building a relationship with your student for a year or two, we love rounding out our process by helping students celebrate their growth, maturity, acceptances and final decision.

So What Comes Next?

College First-Year Coaching

After a successful college admissions process, many families appreciate the continued support of College Connectors services to help ensure a successful transition and acclimation into the college environment. Why not just use the college support services? For the same reason you hired an independent educational consultant for the college admissions process: For knowledgeable, individualized support from an experienced professional who knows your student’s needs and higher education. When orientation is over, our First-Year Coach is still by their side!


Just like every college, your student is unique. When it’s time to choose a college, we can help prepare you and your student to ensure you make a knowledgeable decision.

To learn more about our professional college educational services, contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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