We’re Your Partner in College Success

It’s the end of your student’s senior year. They did it! They are about to graduate. They’ve selected a college that feels right for them and the bags are literally almost packed. In fact, mentally, they are already playing frisbee on the quad! But then there’s saying good-bye and the transition to college academics. The transition to dorm life and the first week. The first homesickness and the first big test.

So many firsts again.

Sending your child to college hoping they make all the right decisions and they use all the resources can be a daunting and challenging expectation for everyone involved. Orientation provides a fire hose of information that is often forgotten once they start classes and the firsts take over.

Individualized Support Centering on the Student

College First-Year coaching just makes sense! Like our independent educational consultants, our College First-Year coaches work throughout the first-year of college, creating a personalized plan for your student to help them navigate through their firsts with knowledge, intention, and action. While colleges provide support through advising and resource centers, we help students understand how to most effectively use those resources to meet their needs, how to have the right conversations and ask the effective questions, all in the context of the students’ individualized goals.

When Orientation Ends, College First-Year is still there!

Our goal is not to replicate services offered on campus. We offer a trusted confidant who can be accessed at any time without having to make an appointment or wait in line for services. College first-year Coaching provides your student with regularly scheduled personalized coaching throughout their first-year of college. Coaching helps your student develop as an individual and encourages them to create meaningful connections on campus. Studies show that when a student group works with an academic coach, that group leads in retention by 10-15% more than students who do not work with a coach.* (Stanford University, School of Education) The College Connectors College First-Year program assists students with developing academic, social, and life skills.

Empowering the student

Our College First-Year program empowers our students. By the end of our work together, students will know how to take action to achieve their academic and social goals, they will know how to navigate their college systems and policies to expand their opportunities and they will have navigated their firsts bravely and celebrated successes fully!

Sophomore start?

What if your student is already in college and needs some support? Maybe those firsts have happened, but your student is struggling with the seconds. We can help.

*Retention in higher education is defined as the percentage of students who return to the same institution for their sophomore year. The sophomore year is the riskiest year when students unenroll or transfer, often due to barriers they’ve not faced before, like choosing a major, roommate problems, academic struggles, not asking or too embarrassed to ask for help. Our College First-Year coaches teach students to address these obstacles proactively rather than intervening during a crisis.

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