Early High School Planning


We want students to have as many options as possible when they are applying for colleges – and we think you do, too! Helping students understand how their decisions on choosing classes, developing study skills, and participating in activities, even as a freshman, can open doors in the future is the foundation of Early High School Planning and college preparation.

College Connectors counselors provide consultation with students and families, typically once per semester.

Academic Planning for High School

Sometimes the decisions we make as early as freshman registration can affect the trajectory and access to opportunities as a senior. Many high schools talk about requirements for graduation but that doesn’t always pair with recommendations for college admission. By starting early, College Connectors helps families understand the complicated landscape of college admissions to help them consider a wide range of academic decisions from registration to early testing to developing ideas to summer planning.

Social Planning

Colleges look to admit the whole person. We know your student is more than just a student and there is no set formula for extracurricular involvement in the college admissions process. In Early High School, we encourage students to identify school and summer activities, to develop their hobbies, and to think outside of the box. We believe that when students participate in activities and hobbies that they truly enjoy and that add value to their life, they will shine in their college applications.


You can never plan too early for financing your student’s education. College costs can be one of the largest investments families will make in their lifetime. We educate you early on understanding the financial landscape of colleges and help you understand the concept of financial fit.


After we’ve guided families through the first half of their child’s high school experience, students transition into College Search and Application Support starting in 10th grade.

College Search

Every college is unique, just like every student! Researching colleges takes time to ensure your student is fully prepared to make that enormous leap. We’re excited to learn about your student and his or her goals so we can develop an appropriate and engaging plan for the months ahead.

Application Support

You’ve probably heard that the time commitment during the college application process is similar to taking a high school course and we agree! We help students tell their story, highlighting the many great characteristics that make them who they are. Students submit applications (on time) that they are proud of.

College First-Year Coaching

Our College First-Year Coaching process is like an insurance policy. You’re investing in college and investing in your student during an often overwhelming amount of decisions to make and experiences and opportunities to be had. Our College First-Year coaches guide students with intention and action.


At College Connectors, we want to get students excited for college, even if it’s a few years down the road. From choosing classes and electives that will help solidify their futures, to helping them develop important studying skills early on, we want to make sure your child is prepared.

For more information about our early high school planning, contact our team today! It’s never too early to start thinking about higher education!

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