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We’re More Than An Admissions Process. We’re Your Partner in College Success.

We know that thinking about college planning and success can be daunting for families. Our knowledgeable college consultants work with families to guide students throughout their high school career to make decisions that will open doors. Through our College Search and Application Process, we usher students through a thoughtful process to find colleges that are strong fits. We don’t stop there either as we know the first year of college is full of twists and turns to navigate.
Our College First-Year Coach helps students make the most of their first year of college!

High School Services

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Early High School Planning

Even when your student is in their early teens, you (and they) may already be thinking about college. We help families navigate the beginning years of high school to help students make decisions to open up options after high school.

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College Search And Application Support

College Connectors works with families to find colleges that are strong academic, social and financial fits for students. Our goal is to help the student tell their story through the college application process.

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LD college planning

The college search and application process is complex and can feel more so if a student has learning differences or ADHD. We are experts at considering that additional layer to find colleges that are the right fits for students with diagnosed learning differences or ADHD.

College Services

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College First-Year

Our services don’t end at high school graduation. Our College First-Year Coaches help ensure students have a successful start to their first year of college. When college orientation is over, we are still there, guiding new college students through their entire first year.

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transfer admission and success support

Sometimes transferring is part of a student’s story. We use their experiences to help them find their next step and help them integrate successfully into that new college.

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Law School and Graduate School Advising

Our services for students seeking law school or graduate school admissions can be tailored to your needs. Our law school and graduate admission counselors guide you through a detailed process supporting the next step in your educational and professional journey.