A Gift For All Ages

The holidays are upon us and so is the pressure to find just the right gift for everyone on your list.  We’d like to suggest a gift that fits children from any age, 6-18.  Ready for it: a journal, a notebook, a tablet, a gift that encourages writing.   As soon as students can sound […]

Learning the Lingo

DI and NPC.  No, it’s not the latest TV series on Netflix or the newest workout routine!  They are actually important acronyms you’ll find in your college search. DI is short for “Demonstrated Interest”.   When you respond to a college’s email When you click on a link on their website When you visit with an […]

Once You Hit “Submit Application”!

By Julie Ekkers October is the month many high school seniors submit their first college application.  Students and their parents often ask how they ensure everything–applications, essays, transcripts, recommendations, ACT or SAT scores–arrives at the same time.   The answer is: you don’t!  Application materials can–and do–arrive at college admission offices at different times.  Whatever […]

Considering College Athletics?

By John Leaney, guest blogger  John Leaney was born in London, England, and attended Didsbury College of Education majoring in Physical Education. John taught high school for 12 years before emigrating to the US.  He coached women’s soccer at UC San Diego and mens and womens soccer and track and field at Macalester College.  The […]

Time to Assess your Email Address!

By Chuck Erickson You never get a second chance to make a first impression, and that starts with your email address. In the college search and application process, you will use your email to request more information, complete forms, register for the ACT/SAT, schedule your campus visits, and submit your applications. Make sure that your […]

5 Ways College is Different from High School

Adapted from The Altshuler Learning Enhancement Center at  Southern Methodist University    RULES: You are expected to take responsibility for what you do and don’t do, as well as for the consequences of your decisions.    In High School, your time is structured by others. In College, you manage your own time.  In High School, […]

A Junior’s Guide to Requesting Letters of Recommendations

What are the different types of recommendations?  There are typically three categories of recommendations.   Counselor Recommendation –  The Counselor Recommendation’s purpose is to provide an overview of a student’s academic achievement, personal character, and background information that might be important for a college to know. It’s generally an overview of the student.   Teacher […]

The Campus Visit is back!

In our life of Independent Educational Consultants, professional development is critical. We work hard to stay up to date on higher ed trends, college data, and new academic offerings. One of our favorite professional development opportunities is visiting college campuses.  In the past month alone, College Connectors has visited over 30 colleges and universities. Let […]

Waiting: Five Practices That Help

by Joy Jordan, guest blogger and mindfulness coach at Born Joy Mindfulness   As humans, we must wait—wait on college acceptance; wait on exam results; wait on medical diagnoses. Waiting is difficult. It parks us on uncertain ground. Our busy minds create elaborate (and unhelpful!) stories. Rather than get lost in distraction, it’s possible to […]