Our Successes

Our Successes

For students reporting scholarships, the average scholarship earned by a College Connectors client was over $17,500 per year.

That totals $70,000 over four years, which makes your investment with College Connectors make sense!

Finding the right college can be a difficult task. When it’s time to start the college search and college application process, College Connectors will ease the tension, map out a plan, and keep everyone focused. Need we say more? These families did!

“First of all we wanted to thank you for everything you’ve done for (our son). We’re all very excited with the outcome. He chose the schools he wanted and he got admitted to his top choice school.

I think you teamed perfectly with our son. He followed your good advice and worked hard.

You had to see his face when he opened the letter from the university. One of those moments in life that one never forgets!” — Parent of a recent grad

“Thank you for all your help in getting me here – the anxiety about applying to college two years ago has now turned into me being anxious to return to college for a new school year.” — A recent high school grad

“College Connectors helped our daughter understand that she could go to a more difficult college and succeed. They helped her to push herself and to find a place where she would fit in better.” — Parent of a recent grad

“College Connectors introduced me to amazing schools that I might have overlooked if I had been on my own. When someone experienced with college applications advised me on essays, my writing improved.” — A recent high school grad

“College Connectors gave us a chance to see schools that would not otherwise have been considered. Overall it gave us a better understanding of the college application process. It took away parent-child tension during the college process.” — Parent of a recent grad

“It feels comforting to find an expert like you who knows our high school, understands a variety of paths, and is committed to helping our son identify and prepare for “the path best suited.” — Parent of a current high school student