DI and NPC.  No, it’s not the latest TV series on Netflix or the newest workout routine!  They are actually important acronyms you’ll find in your college search.

DI is short for “Demonstrated Interest”.  

  • When you respond to a college’s email
  • When you click on a link on their website
  • When you visit with an admissions rep 
  • When you visit a college or attend a virtual visit
  • When you join a college mailing list 

You are demonstrating interest in that school.  

So why would that make a difference down the road in admissions?  These days, when students are applying to more and more colleges, these same colleges are attempting to separate the serious shoppers from the window shoppers.  In other words, showing an interest in a college more than simply applying to a college can be considered a plus in the eyes of the college.  Demonstrating interest in a school can help boost your profile and perhaps your chance of admission to the college.  Not all colleges consider demonstrated interest, but typically those small to medium colleges, with less of a national reputation, do.  Take a minute to think about how you might show interest in the colleges you are looking at.

NPC stands for “Net Price Calculator”.  

The NPC is a tool to help families better understand the probable cost of attending before you apply.  Every college is required to have a Net Price Calculator on its website.  Each calculator asks questions about the student and family, including things such as GPA, state of residence, and financial info.  The result is an estimate of your net price and your aid eligibility. How do you find the NPC? The simple answer is to google the college name and NPC or you can navigate to a college financial aid page to find the NPC.

So rather than worrying about the full cost of attendance, the NPC can help you see what you might actually pay to attend that college.  A word of caution-the NPC is not a guarantee of aid-but it can help you not rule out a college based on sticker price.  Simply google “Net Price Calculator” and the name of the college you are researching.