By Chuck Erickson

You never get a second chance to make a first impression, and that starts with your email address. In the college search and application process, you will use your email to request more information, complete forms, register for the ACT/SAT, schedule your campus visits, and submit your applications. Make sure that your email address is professional and appropriate for this process. An easy format is combining your first and last name to make your email user name. or, for example. As you create your email address, also remember to use your name as the contact information that people will see when the email comes into their inbox.  


Since email is the primary form of communication between colleges and you, make sure that you check your email daily. Check your Junk/Spam folder as well. Are you getting emails from colleges you are no longer interested in attending? There should be an unsubscribe link at the very bottom of the email. Good luck!