I remember back in the 90’s riding around town in my 1981 Ford LTD with my AM radio. It was tough to find a station, let alone find a station that played the popular music of the time. There was a lot of static and a lot of talk radio, not something this 17-year old was really interested in. But when I turned the dial, eventually I would find a station and I would find my song. 


There is a lot of static on the airways… and in the school hallways. With the return to school, students may be looking for their own station, their own path in the college admissions process. As everyone is talking about applications and dream schools and personal statement topics, remember that you get to create your own station. It may be similar to others but it won’t be the exact frequency as anyone else’s station. And as everyone is turning the dial to find their own station, this is where static comes in – conflicting information and conversations that make you doubt yourself.  When that static becomes too loud, tune in to your own station and find your song. You get to control the conversation you have with yourself and others about your college admissions journey. Tune into your needs first and turn out all of the other static you might be hearing. 


Here are responses to common questions and comments that may help you be proactive in staying tuned in.


Why are you applying there?

I have an application list I’m very excited about. The schools fit my criteria really well.


What is your back up school?

I like all the colleges on my list and I’d be happy to go to any of them. I don’t consider any of them a back up


When your uncle keeps suggesting you apply to his alma mater.

Thank you for your suggestion, I’m not sure if it fits my criteria, but why don’t you tell me about your experience, Uncle Joe. 


In conversations about anything college related that makes you feel uncomfortable.

I’ve chosen not to talk about my college applications with anyone. I’m hoping we both have great outcomes.


I’m working with an IEC, we’ve got it all figured out.


Know that you have the choice to share or not. You have a choice to control how much static you want surrounding your process. We empower you to find your station and play it as loud as you need to for this to be a positive experience this year. 


Now, I’m  going to go on a drive and listen to my Sirius XM Station… a far cry from that AM dial of so many years ago.