Who hires an IEC? Anyone who wants to help their student prepare for college! We have experience working with a wide variety of students from all backgrounds, interests, and academic abilities.

When should a student begin planning for college? Generally, a student in 10th or 11th grade is our typical student. We work with students as early as 8th grade in mapping a path through high school. The college-centered discussion usually begins during the second semester of 10th grade or early in 11th grade.

Why should I hire a College Connectors consultant? You may think your student’s college counselor or dean will be available to assist with your child’s college planning; however, the average counselor-to-student ratio in many high schools is 450:1. This means very little one-on-one time will be able to be spent your child. With a College Connectors consultant, your student can receive college planning assistance and guidance on a more personalized level.

Should I still encourage my child to speak with my child’s counselor even if we’ve partnered with a College Connectors independent educational consultant? Absolutely. Working with a college consultant does not replace your relationship with your school counselor. We encourage our students to set up appointments with their school counselor to discuss this process also.