Our Process


What if the hardest piece of the college decision puzzle was how to pack the car? Sending them off to school is hard enough. Everything leading up to that point should be as stress-free as possible.

The college search and application process can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. At College Connectors, we’re seasoned college planning consultants with years of experience helping students and their families navigate the process with ease.

Whether college is still a few years off or looming large – or even if your child is looking to transfer to a school with a better fit – we’re here to take the anxiety and uncertainty out of the process.

We customize a plan to meet every student’s individual needs. No task is too small and no problem too sticky for us.

We don’t just help your son or daughter find a college. We help find the right school. Where your student not only gets in, but thrives. And school selection is just the beginning. We’ve helped countless students through every step of the application process, from providing feedback on essays to helping them meet deadlines.

Simply put, we’re experts. The only thing beyond our scope is packing that car.

Whether you are looking for support for your student who is transitioning to high school, or your child is ready to jump into the college search, our processes are designed to ensure your son or daughter receives the most thorough and engaging college planning support possible.

  • ::Early High School Planning
  • ::College Search
  • ::Application Support
  • ::The Decision
    • Planning course selections
    • Reviewing learning styles
    • Addressing study skills and time management
    • Identifying extracurricular and summer opportunities
    • Reviewing transcripts
    • Deciding on early subject testing (AP, SAT II)
    • Early education about secondary paths
    • Understanding the financial aid process
    • Review transcript, course selection, and academic profile
    • Assess student strengths, interests, and accomplishments
    • Develop a timeline for standardized testing (PSAT, ACT/SAT, SAT IIs) and identify test preparation strategy
    • Review extracurricular activities and identify opportunities to enrich these interests/experiences
    • Develop a customized list of criteria for selecting potential colleges
    • Help the student match his or her individual profile to appropriate college choices; support the student’s college research and campus visits
    • Create college list
    • Create comprehensive application completion timeline
    • Support completion of all applications ahead of each deadline
    • Discuss Early Action, Early Decision, and Rolling Admission decisions
    • Essay development coaching
    • Student resumé
    • Assist in identifying and requesting references
    • Interview coaching
    • Review Financial Aid and Merit Aid opportunities and applications
    • Help evaluate acceptances, scholarships, and need-based awards with student and family
    • Plan any appeal strategies
    • Celebrate!

Our Process, Your Success

It’s not just our tagline, it’s how we do business. We measure success by the following, and we think you do too:

  • A feeling of trust – Students are guided through a proven and structured process that eases your concerns over the college application pieces that must be put together that tells your student’s story.
  • A feeling of confidence – Knowing that you are working with experienced college consultants who have dedicated their professional lives to understanding the college admissions process, serving as a resource for families who need extra support through the college search and application process.
  • A feeling of satisfaction and relief – A happy student who has reflected, matured, and made one of their first adult decisions who is thrilled about the college they have chosen.