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Throughout the year, College Connectors hosts informational seminars and workshops for families.  Please see below of any upcoming events.

Your Student's First Long Holiday Break Workshop

Dec 4, 2022

7:00-9:00 p.m. EST

A workshop for families of first-year college students presented by Mya Andersen, our College Achievement Coach, Adam Schachar, LCSW, and Jonathan Buchsbayew, LCSW from Campus CBT

First-year students have settled in, and the Fall semester will be over before students realize it. They are looking forward to holiday breaks, seeing friends, and avoiding homework. Parents are excited to hear every detail about how the first semester has gone for their students and welcome them home.

Holiday breaks can lead to expectations, and expectations can lead to misunderstandings and miscommunication.

Join experienced college coaches in an interactive 2-hour workshop where we’ll discuss:

  • Expectations of the first visit home. You want them all to yourselves, they want to see friends. 
  • Recapping on the first semester. How can you celebrate successes and support opportunities for growth? How do you encourage extra support if they are resistant? 
  • How to address if their college experience isn’t what they thought it would be. 
  • Learn how mindfulness can lead to effective parenting.
  • Access your wise mind.
  • Learn the DBT “STOP” skill to be a mindful parent.

The workshop will have two sessions, with a 10-minute break. There will be opportunities for questions and comments during each session and we welcome your interaction!


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