Integrity and ethical behavior are cornerstones of our work at College Connectors. All consultants at College Connectors belong to our industry’s professional associations, where we pledge to hold ourselves to the highest levels of ethical behavior and practice. Yesterday’s article in the news about certain celebrities and businesspeople acting unethically shine a light on a limited number of individuals, detracting from the thousands of professionals- college admissions officers, test preparation tutors, independent educational consultants, high school counselors, and coaches – who work tirelessly to provide opportunities and access to education for deserving and hard-working students. The vast majority of these experts and our consultants at College Connectors are part of the National Association for College Admission Counseling (and the state affiliates), Independent Educational Consultants Association and Higher Educational Consultants Association which provide standards and guidelines on how to practice college admissions ethically with students’ best interest as the guiding factor. It saddens us to think that those indicted saw only one option for their children. In our college planning process, we encourage parents and students to understand that an excellent education can happen at many different colleges and universities. We focus on finding colleges where students will thrive in college, pushing back on the idea that every student must go to the most selective college in which they are admitted. For some students, that is certainly where they will be successful, for others, it may not be the right fit. With the admissions process becoming less certain for students, families often feel added pressure and stress surrounding the College Search and Application Process. A common reaction is to submit too many applications to colleges where the students may not be qualified for, or as interested in, resulting in colleges and universities making decisions on qualified candidates to predict who will matriculate to their institution. To break this cycle, we encourage families to plan ahead, develop a set of options (not just one), and seek advice from professionals who can give them timely information. At College Connectors we help ease the panic, plan comprehensively, and guide with integrity. Check out Kare 11’s interview and Kate Malczewski’s, owner of College Connectors, reaction.