Seminars and Workshops


College Connectors consultants love to talk about college. In fact, we are self-professed College Geeks! We are full of facts about college admission acceptance rates, we know what colleges have strong biology majors, and we love talking about what universities have the most unique mascots and traditions. There are so many interesting stories about the changing landscape of college admissions and we want to spread the word about the college admissions process!

In the spirit of sharing our knowledge, we provide lively and informative seminars for parent groups at businesses, schools, churches, and other settings. In short, we believe parents who know more about college admissions are better able to assist their children in this significant family decision.

Here are a few additional services we offer to help you be best informed to help your student:

  • Coffee Chats / Learn with Lemonade
    We provide conversation and Q & A in a small group setting of parents who want to learn more about a particular part of the college admissions process. These intimate gatherings can take place in your home, sitting around the living room or at your favorite coffee shop or gathering spot.
  • Group Presentations
    We present to large groups through schools or organizations. We are happy to customize an informative and educational presentation to fit an audience’s needs and interests.
  • Lunch and Learn Corporate Seminars
    There is always college talk around the water cooler among parents of high school students. It can be a stressful time that can distract from work. For companies that host lunch and learn presentations, we can develop a one-time presentation or a series of seminars to help your employees with children relieve anxiety around the process and in turn, work more efficiently.

Recent seminar topics include:

  • Finding the Perfect College: What Every Family Should Know
  • Seven Myths About College Admissions
  • Solving the College Admissions Puzzle
  • Financial Aid 101
  • College Admissions Top Ten List

If you are interested in having College Connectors present for your organization, or if you’d like to host a coffee chat, please connect with us on our Contact Us.

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Our goal is to ensure every student and family is well prepared for college even before it’s time to apply.