Secondary School Partnerships


We know that many high schools have goals they have to meet, one of which is preparing students for their next steps after high school through a college preparatory curriculum and support through the college admissions process.  College Connectors understands the unique priorities high schools have in finding just the right people to support their college preparatory mission and this is where College Connectors can step in. 

College Connectors offers a curriculum-based college advising service tailored to your school’s needs.  We meet with you to discuss the options for a program built just for your school.  We have experience in charter and independent schools with anywhere from 4 students up to 50+.  We offer a guided process which introduces students and families to the ins and outs of college admissions, while keeping stress levels low and enthusiasm for college high.  A team of our professional advisors is dedicated to your school to provide the latest and best college counseling information to your families.  

Why Hire College Connectors

  • We can support public, charter, and independent schools
  • We are flexible with our offerings and can support the mission of a college preparatory institution. 
  • Our counselors have years of experience working with a wide range of students in and outside of school settings. 
  • On average, our counselors each visit 20 colleges a year and attend conferences, webinars and other professional development opportunities to stay up to date on current admissions trends. You’ll know you’re getting the latest and best information from us.
  • We know not every high school has the resources or needs to have a full time counselor. We can create a customized program to fit your budget and provide an effective college counseling program for your families. 
  • We are builders and fixers. We’ve built programs from the ground up and we’ve also stepped into support during the middle of application season. We have deep college admissions knowledge and we learn fast about the school to jump in with both feet. 
  • ::9th and 10th grade
  • ::11th grade
  • ::12th grade
  • ::School Support

    Semester based lessons

    Parent/family presentations

    Timely lessons

    Individual meetings with students and families

    Timely presentations for Junior parents

    Bootcamps: College Search

    Timely lessons

    Application Support

    Essay coaching

    Individual meetings with students and families

    Timely presentations for Senior parents

    Official application document processing

    School Profile creation or review

    Training for letters of recommendation writing

    On site office hours


Can you customize a college counseling solution to our school?

Yes, that’s the beauty of partnering with College Connectors. We listen to your needs and develop a college counseling program designed to match your needs.

Do we get to know your students?

Of course, we get to know students through classes and meetings and we love being able to offer individualized guidance to students. We have a passion for helping students launch!

How many hours do you spend with students? 

This answer varies depending on each school’s customized plan, however we have been successful providing individual, group and online access to students and families.

Are you available to our parents?

Certainly! We are available usually by email or scheduled appointment. We also offer parent-focused presentations and group zoom Q and A sessions.

Are you interested in having College Connectors support your students? For more information, email

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