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Our Services

The college planning process has definitely changed over the last couple of decades. From new terminology (demonstrated interest) to more access to colleges across the nation (over 3,500 colleges and universities), families often don’t know how to start the process to find the best college fit for their student. Our college planning services offer a proven process that leaves families feeling stress free and confident that their student will find a college where they will thrive!

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    At College Connectors, we focus on the unique needs and goals of each student. Our process starts by helping students identify and articulate their values, dreams, accomplishments, and roadblocks.

    Through interviews, assessments and a review of experiences and interests, we assist students in identifying the specific characteristics they seek in a college. Then they are ready to start learning about what the colleges have to offer.

    With literally thousands of colleges and universities to choose from, students are often overwhelmed by the prospect of narrowing down the list. Students also frequently limit their search to the colleges they’ve already heard about.

    We educate students on the factors that differentiate colleges. Free refills in the campus cafeteria? Certainly important – but so is understanding the importance of retention and graduation rates, financial aid and scholarship policies, selectivity, and the impacts of location and types of diversity.

    With our guidance, students identify the types of college characteristics that are important to them and learn how to find that information about specific colleges.

    This is where the magic happens!

    Once a student understands more about who they are and where they are likely to be successful, then they are truly ready to identify a list of colleges that are the best fit for them. And we’re ready to guide them through each step.

    Our consultants visit dozens of colleges every year and have first-hand, in-depth knowledge of over hundreds of campuses. We help students get the most out of campus visits and meetings with admissions reps at college fairs and their high schools.

    When a student has found a set of colleges that are a great match, the application process is much less intimidating. It’s not difficult to write essays demonstrating interest and fit because all the legwork – the self-knowledge and the learning about the school – has been done. Interviews become opportunities to get questions answered and share enthusiasm because the student can confidently articulate their interest in the college. And our customized application timeline makes it easy to stay on top of all the application and scholarship deadlines and requirements.

    The last step in our process: helping students decide between the multiple acceptance letters our clients typically receive.

    We guide families through the final comparison of offers. Examining costs, scholarships, programs and environments — with our expert help, it’s exciting instead of overwhelming.

    If families want continued support as their student prepares for college and during their first year at college, College Achievement Coaching guides families through the complexities of the college launch.

    Our ultimate goal: to help students and families decide which college will provide the very best educational fit from move-in day to graduation day!

    After that, all that’s left is packing the car!

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