March Madness Is Right Around The Corner

March madness is right around the corner.  For the readers who are college basketball fans, you are probably thinking about basketball brackets and how to choose teams to win those brackets. In the college admissions world, March has its own kind of madness. March is often a time when juniors are taking standardized tests or […]

Juniors, Cameras On!

Turn your camera on! Yes, I know you might be the only one in the class with it on. Yes, I know it’s kind of an awkward angle. And yes, I know sometimes you like to walk around, fidget, all around multi-task when you are listening to a lecture, but trust me, you want to […]

Personal Statement Topic Remorse

By Diana Hawkins I spent this afternoon with one of my students discussing her Common App essay. She had been at it for several weeks, and despite various attempts, it wasn’t blossoming. When choosing among several ideas, she had committed to her topic with thoughtful consideration, but she couldn’t express them when it was time […]