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College Visit

What To Expect On Your First College Visit

Spring break is a well-known time for families to venture out onto college campuses for visits. Often, families will find a couple of colleges in the location they are taking their spring break vacation and stop in for a visit. Incorporating college visits into your trip to California is a great idea, but you don’t have to go that far.

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The Madness Of College Admissions

March madness is here. For the readers who are college basketball fans, you are probably thinking about basketball brackets and how to choose teams to win those brackets. There are always consistent teams that do well every year that we feel comfortable moving forward on the brackets. Then, sometimes, there’s that one team that comes out of nowhere and makes it further than anyone expects. Last year that team was UMBC – University of Maryland Baltimore County. After visiting UMBC this fall, I was sent home with a t-shirt touting their win and a little more visibility for a school that I can attest is a hidden gem.

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Thoughts On Yesterday’s College Bribery News

Integrity and ethical behavior are cornerstones of our work at College Connectors. All consultants at College Connectors belong to our industry’s professional associations, where we pledge to hold ourselves to the highest levels of ethical behavior and practice.

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