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A Junior’s Guide to Requesting Letters of Recommendations

What are the different types of recommendations?    There are typically three categories of recommendations.   Counselor Recommendation –  The Counselor Recommendation’s purpose is to provide an overview of a student’s academic achievement, personal character, and background information that might be important for a college to know. It’s generally an overview of the student.   […]

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The Campus Visit is back!

In our life of Independent Educational Consultants, professional development is critical. We work hard to stay up to date on higher ed trends, college data, and new academic offerings. One of our favorite professional development opportunities is visiting college campuses.  In the past month alone, College Connectors has visited over 30 colleges and universities. Let […]

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Waiting: Five Practices That Help

by Joy Jordan, guest blogger and mindfulness coach at Born Joy Mindfulness   As humans, we must wait—wait on college acceptance; wait on exam results; wait on medical diagnoses. Waiting is difficult. It parks us on uncertain ground. Our busy minds create elaborate (and unhelpful!) stories. Rather than get lost in distraction, it’s possible to […]

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March Madness Is Right Around The Corner

March madness is right around the corner.  For the readers who are college basketball fans, you are probably thinking about basketball brackets and how to choose teams to win those brackets. In the college admissions world, March has its own kind of madness. March is often a time when juniors are taking standardized tests or […]

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4 Roles for Parents During The College Admissions Process

Do you feel like you are on the sidelines while your child struggles through their college admissions journey? There are many ways you can help, even from those sidelines! Here are four key roles you can play.   Cheerleader-In-Chief Encourage commitment. Colleges value students who stick to an interest over the years, while showing initiative and […]

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Congratulations, Seniors!

Your big day is so close and you’ve worked so hard over the years to accomplish your goals. All of us at College Connectors wish you all the best in the world. In the words of Dr. Seuss, “Congratulations and you are off on your way!”

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5 Ways to Learn About Colleges When You Can’t Visit

By Diana Hawkins There is nothing like a campus visit for college-bound high school students to help students and families understand the college experience at a particular school. If it’s the pandemic or other reasons that have ruined your opportunities for exploration, don’t give up on research! There are many ways to learn about colleges […]

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Juniors, Cameras On!

Turn your camera on! Yes, I know you might be the only one in the class with it on. Yes, I know it’s kind of an awkward angle. And yes, I know sometimes you like to walk around, fidget, all around multi-task when you are listening to a lecture, but trust me, you want to […]

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Personal Statement Topic Remorse

By Diana Hawkins I spent this afternoon with one of my students discussing her Common App essay. She had been at it for several weeks, and despite various attempts, it wasn’t blossoming. When choosing among several ideas, she had committed to her topic with thoughtful consideration, but she couldn’t express them when it was time […]

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Covid-19 and Your College Admissions Process

You can still learn about colleges even if you can’t visit campus. The Covid-19 pandemic is certainly causing abrupt changes in college environments daily and sometimes hourly. While college are making decisions to keep their communities safe, we want to acknowledge that it might cause some anxiety for students and families going through the college […]

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